Some Background on the Prayer to St. Michael

From the June 10th 2021 “Wanderer.”

“Then, one morning in 1884, during the papacy of Leo XIII, the Pope appeared discombobulated and seemed to lose consciousness after saying morning Mass. His aides came to his assistance and after the episode passed he told them what had happened.

He said he had witnessed a conversation between God and Satan during which Satan boasted that he would be able to destroy the Church if only God would give him the time. God granted his request and gave him one hundred years. The Pope then had a vision of Hell and saw the Archangel Michael respond to prayers of the faithful. He penned the Prayer to St. Michael which he directed should be recited after each Low Mass worldwide. That prayer was recited until it was removed from its place during the reforms of Vatican II in 1964. Recently, there have been moves to restore it to its place, however.”

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