Transparency: What are They Trying to Hide?

“For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.” (Jn 3:19)

Who is really running things?

Why do all of the Democrats refuse to debate? What are they hiding?

Why did the government send all of those immigrants around the country at night, without notifying their destinations? And now they are up in arms about governors doing the same – because they have been exposed!

Why did the government lockdown the country and yet never do any real investigation into COVID-19, how it works, effective measures? They knew years before that masks, especially cloth masks were totally ineffective based on studies between 2013 and 2017. They knew about the successes of ivermectin in other countries (e.g., India) but went so far as to deny this effective treatment. Or hiding and ignoring the fact that children were basically not at risk from COVID and still, knowing the harm it would do to them, insisting on lockdowns, (harmful) vaccines, and masking to enforce fear and control. The fact that, even after the “pandemic” was virtually over, many jurisdictions kept various mandates in place, just to throw their weight around.

Why does the government and news media continue to hide the facts of history and science (e.g., climate change, who actually pushed the slave trade, where most of the slaves actually went (hint: it wasn’t North America), what’s the polar bear population today, etc.)? Why do they suppress opposing views, including calling it disinformation, when they can’t even predict weather accurately three days out. All of the climate alarmist predictions have flopped. Global warming is a geological phenomenon. We are still (slowly) coming out of an ice age. And colder weather is more devastating than warmer. The crop failures of just a little over 200 years ago were devastating as opposed to the agricultural boom we have been experiencing for the past 50 years. The idea that the current “crisis” is man-made belies the geological facts. Yet, government insists upon disastrous policies in terms of forestry management, common sense in building, water management, and so on.

Why do they hide the truth about gender dysphoria and that “affirming” drug and/or surgical therapy doesn’t solve the problem? It only makes it worse (20 times worse over time), but they hide that fact. Other countries are finally coming aware, why not us? What do they have to gain. Gender suppression drugs and surgeries are big money makers. Plus, it gives the government more control and breaks up families – key Marxist/communist tactics.

When they can’t rely on facts to build their arguments they resort to ad hominem attacks, attacking their opponent personally. They can’t stand up to the scrutiny a true debate would provide. They can’t argue facts, so they call people names; racist, transphobic, homophobic, anti-science, Nazis, anti-whatever, and so it goes. It doesn’t matter that they might have distorted science, ignored facts, changed history, or chosen only the facts that might help them and call contrary facts lies and misinformation. And forget about common sense; telling people who make $30-40,000 per year to buy an electric car that, at minimum, costs $66,000; or demanding that banks stop funding petroleum fuel projects, while still refusing to consider nuclear – where is the electricity for those cars going to come from? California has already shown the ridiculousness of such an idea. The failure of wind and solar, not to mention the ecological damage those methods will cause, is a clear case of denial of fact and reason. Why do they ignore the ecological damage caused by the destruction of the earth and water supplies, etc., by the mining needed to support the building of the batteries needed to keep those cars moving (or the hazards those batteries themselves entail)?

Another way to hide the truth is to rely on the psychological tactic of ascribing one’s own actions to the opponent, known as projection. Accuse him of doing what you are doing thus preventing others from looking into your activities. Then, when they do see what you are doing, accuse them of projecting. Call parents trying to learn what teachers are indoctrinating their kids “domestic terrorists.” And while you’re at it, get a government agency to go along with it.

So, you create a “Jan 6” investigation, decry conservative governors transporting illegal immigrants to “sanctuary” locations, ignore the death and destruction leftist people and organizations have inflicted on the nation, and try to accuse any public attacks as right-wing extremists (until, of course, the truth actually rears its ugly head that the attacker(s) are leftists, Marxists, or anarchists). The hatred coming from the left is manifest, despite the attempts of the media and the government to try to hide it or redirect attention away from it. The only person killed in the Jan 6 demonstration was an unarmed Air Force veteran, unlike the leftist who attacked Republicans practicing for a congressional baseball game or the driver who ran down a teen because he thought the teen was a radical right-wing Republican. 

One of the answers is fear. Another is intimidation. Another is hate. Another is control, and in order to gain control, they need to destroy things that bring stability to lives, things like family, faith, health, psychological well-being, etc. Another answer is, “follow the money.” Too many people are becoming rich and powerful over the climate hoax and have to hide the truth in order to keep the money flowing. People need to be kept in the dark. Call it “settled science” so that the unscientific public won’t ask questions. And the media are making money on it, so they won’t do their job of investigating and uncovering the truth. In today’s world, there is no profit in the truth.

And where do you find voices of reason and common sense? One of the places is the Bible. However, the left knows this and continually attacks and even infiltrates the Church. Proclaim yourself a Christian while undermining everything Christ taught; the media will support you and you can further lead astray those of lukewarm faith. Put Bible quotes on signs supporting abortion as if the Bible could support such a barbaric practice. 

“The dungeon in which we ourselves imprison ourselves is our selves. … We forge the chains of our own bondage. We use our freedom to destroy our freedom. We need a savior.” Dr. Peter Kreeft, Food for the Soul, Cycle C

“Repent, and believe in the Gospel” (Mk 1:15)

Let Christ into your heart; accept Him as your Savior.

Published on The Patriot Post, October 26, 2022 here.

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