70 Bishops worldwide criticize Germany’s Synodal Way

Several months ago George Weigel commented that bishops needed to band together and tell the German Bishops to wake up and that their synodal way was heretical, to which I commented in agreement. Well, it has taken quite awhile, but now 70 bishops around the world have written an open letter to the German BishopsContinue reading “70 Bishops worldwide criticize Germany’s Synodal Way”

On Weigel’s “Liquid Catholicism and the German Synodal Way”

George Weigel is right in describing the German Synodal Way as “liquid Catholicism” and a form of liberal Protestantism. In an earlier article in The Tablet, he noted that the rest of the bishops around the world needed to take the matter in hand and correct their brothers in Germany. (March 10, 2021) They didn’tContinue reading “On Weigel’s “Liquid Catholicism and the German Synodal Way””