To Clarify Previous Post on the Sabbath

In my previous post on the sabbath, I implied that the Apostles had “changed” the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. My arguments actually supported the observance of Sunday as the primary holy day of the week, with observances commensurate with the Jewish Sabbath. However, the Church still recognizes Saturday as the sabbath but, as IContinue reading “To Clarify Previous Post on the Sabbath”

Sabbath Observance: Saturday or Sunday

Recently I got into a discussion with a non-Catholic concerning what was the appropriate day to observe the sabbath. He requested that I read an article on the United Church of God (UGC) website entitled, “Was the Sabbath Changed in the New Testament?”  I read the article and, while I found it interesting, to meContinue reading “Sabbath Observance: Saturday or Sunday”