Prayers after Mass

The following prayers, which I referred to in my recent post “Pray,” were ordered by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII to be recited kneeling after mass. They were said after mass when I was young (pre-Vatican II). Prayers to be said: Hail Mary (3 times) Hail Holy Queen Let us Pray:  O God, our refugeContinue reading  Prayers after Mass

In re “Statement of Principles” 18 June 2021

I read with interest the letter from 60 “Catholic” representatives hoping to find some sign of repentance and understanding of the true meaning of the Eucharist and what is required to properly receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  Instead, all I found was arrogance and a blatant denial of any need to follow the teachingContinue reading “In re “Statement of Principles” 18 June 2021″

Be a Man of St. Joseph like Nathan and Ambrose

In a recent discussion of a parish men’s group, our local chapter of the Men of St. Joseph International (MOSJI:, we were discussing how we need to act and to profess our faith in this secular, morally relativistic world. During the discussion, the phrase came up, “Be a Nathan,” referring to Nathan the prophet.Continue reading “Be a Man of St. Joseph like Nathan and Ambrose”

Letter to “Catholic” Politician Supporting Abortion

Dear Senator/Congressman  ____________,  As a fellow Catholic I was shocked and dismayed to learn that you recently voted against protecting the life of a child who had survived an abortion.  I had already been deeply concerned that you, as a Catholic, supported abortion at all, but to take it to the level of infanticide isContinue reading “Letter to “Catholic” Politician Supporting Abortion”

Some Background on the Prayer to St. Michael

From the June 10th 2021 “Wanderer.” “Then, one morning in 1884, during the papacy of Leo XIII, the Pope appeared discombobulated and seemed to lose consciousness after saying morning Mass. His aides came to his assistance and after the episode passed he told them what had happened. He said he had witnessed a conversation between God andContinue reading “Some Background on the Prayer to St. Michael”

Teaching Opportunity on Communion

There are a lot of letters being sent to diocesan newspapers (I subscribe to two) with negative comments to the bishops building a document to educate the faithful (and others) on the Eucharist, to be entitled, “The Mystery of the Eucharist and Why it Matters. Some have complained that too many Catholics are one subjectContinue reading “Teaching Opportunity on Communion”

Letter to Bishops re Communion

I wrote this letter to several bishops after reading the “statement of principles” signed by 60 congressional representatives. If you agree, feel free to copy all or part and send to your own or other bishops on your behalf. Excellency, May God bless you and your endeavors to maintain the teachings of the Gospel, CanonContinue reading “Letter to Bishops re Communion”