Jesus and the Cross

At the beginning of Holy Week and in anticipation of Easter I was reflecting on our Lord’s passion, suffering and death on the cross. I began to think about those non-Catholic Christians and wondered what they did in preparation and how they reflected on the events leading up to Our Lord’s glorious resurrection on EasterContinue reading “Jesus and the Cross”

Personal Prayer to the Holy Trinity

By your grace and mercy, O Lord, you called me back to you.  I don’t know how long I resisted your call or did not acknowledge it, but you finally called loudly enough that I answered. Then you gently, but firmly, guided me to discern you more and to get to know you better. YouContinue reading “Personal Prayer to the Holy Trinity”

 Prayers after Mass

The following prayers, which I referred to in my recent post “Pray,” were ordered by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII to be recited kneeling after mass. They were said after mass when I was young (pre-Vatican II). Prayers to be said: Hail Mary (3 times) Hail Holy Queen Let us Pray:  O God, our refugeContinue reading  Prayers after Mass