Elections Coming: Check your conscience

(This is the full version of my essay on checking one’s conscience for the coming election. The previous election post, “2022 Elections Coming: Is your conscience ready,” was condensed from this so it could be submitted for publication in the Richmond Diocesan Newspaper, The Catholic Virginian, and was published on September 19, here.) Pope St.Continue reading “Elections Coming: Check your conscience”

Jesus and the Cross

At the beginning of Holy Week and in anticipation of Easter I was reflecting on our Lord’s passion, suffering and death on the cross. I began to think about those non-Catholic Christians and wondered what they did in preparation and how they reflected on the events leading up to Our Lord’s glorious resurrection on EasterContinue reading “Jesus and the Cross”

Letter to Bishops re Communion

I wrote this letter to several bishops after reading the “statement of principles” signed by 60 congressional representatives. If you agree, feel free to copy all or part and send to your own or other bishops on your behalf. Excellency, May God bless you and your endeavors to maintain the teachings of the Gospel, CanonContinue reading “Letter to Bishops re Communion”